HAACH Reviva Rose Stem Cells Intense Skin Revitalisation Set (new)

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To combat aging and boost cell regeneration.

Product Description



Rejuvenate and nurture the youthful beauty of your face with Reviva Rose Stem Cells. A luxurious mix of potent ingredients that aids in providing a silky smooth visage with a flash of translucency and luminosity from within. Kissed with a botanical goodness of Rosa Damascena designed explicitly for the naturalist in mind, the floral scent that combines extracts of roses from Grasse, Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey delicately drifts you to a bouquet of velvety, rosy fragrance.


Set includes 6 bottles of serum, one jar of gel cream and one jar of firming gel mask.




Created with Swiss Formulation Phytocelltech™ to revitalize the skin and protect it against the effects of aging; each product is infusd with stem cells from Alpine Rose. This is an exceptionally resilient flower that can live over for 100 years in spite of extreme temperatures and dryness. Its stem cells have been sucessfully harvested and scientifically proven to benefit human skin, helping to increase skin’s vitality and resilience.



Use twice daily after cleansing. Pump a few drops of the serum on your ngertip and apply thoroughly over your face and neck. Tap gently till the serum is fully absorbed into the skin.


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