5 Amazingly Effective Treatments For Sagging Cheeks

One of the areas on our faces that are immediately noticeable is our cheeks. Some people get complimented for having full cheeks, while others are praised for having defined ones. However, when we have sagging cheeks, they are also immediately noticeable and can severely affect our confidence.

Since our cheeks occupy a large area on our faces, issues with that area are hard to conceal. Some innovative individuals have even invented a tape that can stretch this spot for a younger look. However, these solutions are just temporary and problems like this one require permanent ones.

This article covers treatments that eliminate this troublesome condition. We will also discuss the causes of this condition to help you avoid it in the future. If you’re suffering from this problem, this article might have everything you need to help you get through it.

5 Treatments That Eliminate Sagging Cheeks

Nobody likes to have sagging skin. This sentiment rings especially true regarding our cheeks. Sagging skin around this area tends to change the way you look. This spot is what people are referring to most of the time when they’re talking about someone looking old.

That said, here are some treatments that address this situation and make you look young again:

1.   Derma Waves

The Derma Waves treatment is one of HAACH in Singapore’s well-known methods. This procedure uses bio-thermal energy that pierces through the skin and accelerates metabolism. Additionally, this treatment improves blood circulation, allowing your skin to rejuvenate. Those with sagging skin around their cheeks can say goodbye to that issue thanks to this method.

2.   Aurelian Gold Bliss

The main selling point of this procedure is their use of pure gold. The pure gold serum is placed on the problem areas. With other products and massage techniques, your skin can enjoy gradual firmness, giving you a youthful look.

3.   Ice Crystal

The Ice Crystal is one of Singapore’s most unique face care treatments. This method uses an ice crystal ball to aid with serum penetration. As is customary with other treatments, steps like cleansing and exfoliating are also included. Through these products and treatments combination, your sagging skin will be eliminated.

4.   O2 Ion Wave Neck

Similar to the O2 Ion Wave Eye treatment, this procedure uses an O2 ion wave to lift the skin around your neck and up to your cheeks. This step is followed by a massage focusing on your neck and cheeks to lift the skin and condition the muscles.

5.   Oxygeneo Classic

The Oxygeneo Classic combines two technologically-advanced treatment methods to provide maximum effects. The Tripollar machine and Sonophoresis machine work together to allow the products to be absorbed by your skin. This process promotes efficient skin rejuvenation and lets your skin fix itself.

Note: While you can find these treatments or variations in other spas or clinics, HAACH in Singapore is your one-stop spa for all of them. This availability allows you multiple options and the power to determine which is best.

Causes of Sagging Cheeks

You can’t just point to ageing and put the blame on it for sagging skin. Aside from this obvious culprit, other things contribute to this condition. Some factors are lifestyle choices, and others are things we must live with. Whatever the reason is, knowing about these things is crucial.

Here are some causes of this condition:

1.   Natural Ageing

As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity and firmness. While we cannot turn the hands of time, we can see its severe effects on our appearance. Ageing leads to sagging and drooping of the cheeks, making us look older. 

2.   Loss of Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that provide structural support to the skin. Over time, the production of these proteins decreases. When this production decreases, it reduces skin elasticity and sagging cheeks.

3.   Gravity

The constant downward pull of gravity on the facial tissues can contribute to sagging cheeks. While this reason might feel illogical, it doesn’t make it less accurate. Since our skin loses elasticity over time, gravity’s pull becomes more effective, causing our skin to sag even more.  

4.   Sun Exposure

Prolonged sun exposure without adequate sun protection can accelerate the breakdown of collagen. It’s no secret that the sun damages our skin, so limiting our exposure to the elements is critical.

5.   Genetics

Some individuals may have be genetically predisposed to developing sagging cheeks. Certain genetic factors can affect the structure and firmness of the skin. If your parents are susceptible to sagging skin, chances are you’d also be genetically predisposed to getting it.

6.   Smoking

Smoking ravages the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. This vice causes accelerated skin ageing and sagging, including in the cheeks. While the pull of this substance is powerful, it is highly advisable to quit using it if you want to eliminate sagging cheeks.

7.   Repetitive Facial Movements

Frequent facial expressions and movements can contribute to the development of fine lines. However, the primary culprit for this condition is frowning. Studies show that frowning uses more muscles than other expressions, so it is highly advisable to stop doing it.  

HAACH in Singapore Has Treatments and Products That Eliminate Sagging Cheeks

Sagging skin around your cheeks can be highly demoralising. This condition is immediately noticeable since our cheeks occupy a vast area of our face. Luckily, multiple treatment methods and products are available to address this problem.

This article covered the treatments you can choose to address sagging cheeks. Additionally, we have discussed the causes of this condition to help you avoid it in the future. These different sections are designed to help you eliminate this troublesome problem immediately.

HAACH in Singapore offers various treatments and products to eliminate this skin problem. Additionally, these services can address other skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, and dry skin. We aim for you to achieve timeless beauty; these fantastic services support it.

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