Haach Treatments

About Us
Established In 1997, HAACH Is an Award-Winning Luxurious Beauty and Wellness Spa Provider That Offers A One Stop Solution in Face, Skin and Body Care. Combining Western and Eastern Techniques Together with A Team of Highly Skilled Aestheticians, HAACH Provides A Customised Enhancement Solution to Meet the Unique Needs of Individuals.
Our Promise
At HAACH, we see the importance of customer service and aim to deliver a customer experience far beyond expectations. HAACH also believes that beautiful and flawless skin is attainable, and is dedicated to helping you achieve that perfect skin you deserve.
Our Mission
HAACH aims to be a luxurious medispa - boosting holistic lifestyle wellness as the classic black and white urban interior transports one into a space of unprecedented relaxation and well-being.

Our Businesses

Dr HAACH, the extended wing of HAACH, offers aesthetic solutions for both women and men. Riding on cutting-edge technology and expertise from experienced doctor, Dr HAACH is committed to help customers look and feel their best.
Dr HAACH & HAACH Skin Care
With careful selection of premium products and years of extension research in skin care ingredients, our team of scientists adopted the latest technology to develop quality product for every unique skin’s needs.

At HAACH and Dr HAACH, we believe in lasting beauty and healthy skin at any age.
CROWN serves as the final link completing HAACH’s overall experience, offering premium hair services and scalp solutions. Led by a panel of professional hair stylist, your hair journey to a healthy and luscious locks begins with CROWN.
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