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Dr Scalp


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A healthy scalp is important for strengthening hair, helping growth and reducing hair fall. On top of preventing clogging, regular exfoliation of our DrScalp treatment can also enable hair tonic and serum to be absorbed deeper into the scalp, offering your scalp the nourishment it requires.


  • Purify Hair Follicles
  • Encourage Healthy Hair Growth
  • Remove Excess Hair Sebum (Oil)
  • Deep Cleanse Scalp and Pores
  • Manage Hair Loss
  • Dandruff
  • Scalp Inflammation (Itch, Irritation, Acne)
Step 1
- Scalp Analysis to check on the scalp condition.
- Use of High-Frequency Infra-Red Therapy to open up pores and eliminate harmful toxin for optimal skin cell turnover.

Step 2
- Application of Rejuvenating activator to unclog the hair follicles for effective removal of impurities and product build-up from the scalp.

Step 3
- Scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation.
- Followed by Micro-steaming to enhance nutrients absorption and penetration.

Step 4
- Nourish and soothe the scalp. Leaving the scalp feeling fresh and clean without stripping away its natural oil.

Step 5
- Efficient transdermal delivery of stem cell actives through Oxygen Jet applicator.
- Promotes skin cells regeneration and deliver oxygen deep into the scalp.

Step 6
- Revolutionary Laser Hair growth system increases cellular activity.
- It supports and promotes the proliferation of thick, full and healthy hair.
- Suitable for both men and women.
Suitable for:
  • Hair Loss
  • Oily Scalp
  • Dry Scalp
  • Hair Thinning
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: $281
This Treatment is only available at our 100AM Outlet.
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