• Aqua Porcerlain Facial

Aqua Porcerlain Facial


Face Care

An Instant Boost of Hydration


Replenish hydration from the deepest layer of your skin with HAACH Aqua porcelain facial without the use of needles and injections. This instant rejuvenator is specially designed with the combination of our signature Aqua Elixir ampoule with Sonophoresis penetration for the ultimate sun-kissed radiance.


  • Intense hydrate the skin
  • Replenish and protect skin’s moisture barrier
  • Improve skin radiance and elasticity
  • Give radiant & flawless complexion
  • Infuse active ingredients
  • Relive & renew dry skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Purifies skin
Step 1: Tension Relieve with lavender oil
Step 2: Make up Remover
Step 3: Deep Exfoliation
Step 4: Calming/ Extraction
Step 5: Aqua Elixir Ampoule Infusion
Step 6: Essence Oil
Step 7: Facial Massage
Step 8: Shoulder Massage
Step 9: Intense Hydration Mask
Step 10: Finishing with Daily Skincare Application
Suitable for:
  • Dry and Dehydrated Skin
  • Aging Skin
  • Fatigued Skin
  • Light Pigmentation
Duration: 95 minutes
Price: $381
Suggestion: Once every 2 weeks

Best Hydrating Facial
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