HAACH Shoulder & Neck Restoration Oil


One of our signature oil that is specially developed by our founder, the HAACH Shoulder and Neck Restoration Oil consist of ingredients that are meticulously picked to improve the body’s overall heath and wellness.

Highly rated for its effects by customers that visited us for our body spa and massage services, rid shoulder and neck aches and restore vitality to your body.



  • Improves blood circulation and relieve pain, dredge the meridians
  • Improves shoulder and cervical inflammation
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and detoxifies toxins
  • Relieves stiffness, weakness in lower back, numbness on arms, frozen shoulder
  • Reduces dizziness and improves sleep quality

Direction to use

  1. Apply a generous amount on the neck and shoulder
  2. Slowly rub and massage the sore area and meridian points
  3. Apply moderate pressure or the meridian points
  4. Repeat the process until the oil is evenly spread out