HAACH Womb-Warming Essential Oil 15ML


HAACH Womb- Warming Essential Oil provides comfort and improve the condition of females facing menstrual problems or gynecological issues. It consists of other benefits such as skin nourishments and brightening, as well as expelling coldness within the body.



  • Nourishes and brightens up skin
  • Restore body’s balance and promotes relaxation
  • Relieve dysmenorrhea and menstrual syndrome
  • Reduce discomfort and pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Replenish blood and Qi flow
  • Improve numbness and cold hands/feet
  • Improves oily skin
  • Improves problems related to gynecological issues

Direction to use

  1. Apply generous amount on the body
  2. Slowly rub and massage the areas
  3. Apply moderate pressure or the meridian points
  4. Repeat the process until the oil is evenly spread out