Micro Treatment Lotion


Feel rejuvenated, reinvigorated and recharged with DR HAACH Micro Treatment Lotion! Featuring the miracle ingredient, Croton Lechleri Resin extract, also known as Dragon’s Blood. This wonder lotion promises to replenish, repair and restore any skin type to its original glory. Our Dragon’s Blood formula contains a synergistic blend of effective skin rejuvenators. Namely, DELISENS™ Peptide, ALPAFLOR® MALVA AO and OSILIFT®. It improves skin texture and firmness from the inside out. Giving a smoother, firmer, plumper looking complexion. Also, it forms part of the skin’s essential barrier responsible for keeping moisture in and irritants out. These nutrient packed ingredients drastically reduce skin dryness and prevent irritation. Our cutting-edge Micro Treatment Lotion provides a targeted solution to smooth, tone, firm, hydrate and tighten the skin. Enriched with a natural blend of ingredients, it deeply nourishes the skin to defy against aging symptoms. Designed to reinvigorate and refresh, the Micro Treatment Lotion is ideal for brightening up your complexion on the go. Feeling prickly, burning, tingling, itching from too much sun exposure or UV radiation, heat, pollution, etc? This groundbreaking essence-in lotion will penetrate deeply into your skin’s surface for skin renewal to restore balance to your skin, leaving it soft, supple and luxuriously hydrated.

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100ML, 30ML


• Visible lifting effect
• Repairs and calms sensitive skin
• Protecting against external aggressions
• Instantly brightens and refreshes
• Skin is deeply hydrated, firmer and pores are minimised
• Anti-aging helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Hydrates and smoothen the appearance of skin
• Promotes collagen formation, skin rejuvenation, tissue repair and wound healing
• Moisturises and nourishes the skin
• Instant skin reviver, ideal for an instant energy boost
• Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
• Paraben, alcohol and fragrance-free

Direction to use

Step 01: Apply Micro Treatment Lotion as the first step of your beauty ritual in the morning and evening.

Step 02: Using your hands, dispense 5-6 drops in the palm of your hands. Press onto cheeks, forehead and chin, smoothing from the centre of the face outwards, smooth the MicroTreatment Lotion along your neck towards your clavicles.

Step 03: Use a cotton facial pad, dispense enough of the MicroTreatment Lotion to saturate the cotton facial pad before gently gliding it from the centre of your face outwards, along the length of your neck and across your décolletage.