Oligopeptides Marine Revival Essence


Brace yourselves for the new age of regeneration with DR HAACH Oligopeptides Marine Revival Essence! Featuring super ingredients Oligopeptide-1, Oligopeptide-5, and Oligopeptide-10, the marine revival essence is the epitome of regenerating power. Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly eradicated to unravel an everlasting radiance and eternal glow. This professional ageless repairing formula energizes cell activation and gently calms redness on sensitive skin with unique peptides. Possessing superior skin brightening properties by preventing melanin formation. Flanked with active ingredient sidekicks AC Moisture-Plex Advanced PF, MPC Marine Placenta®, and Akoactive® Romae BG. Discover smoothness and elasticity with enhanced hydration now. Dr HAACH Oligopeptides Marine Revival Essence is gentle on skin, suitable for sensitive skin. Soothes and heals any redness and soreness after intensive treatments (intense pulsed light and laser treatments).

Size: 5ML
Quantity: 9



• Smoothing out wrinkles
• Moisturising and hydrating effects
• Evens skin tone
• Anti-aging properties
• Strengthens the cell’s self-healing function
• Accelerates recovery
• Promotes collagen proliferation
• Repairs epidermal cells and accelerates skin metabolism
• Promotes cell stability
• Protects against UV rays
• Repairs damage caused by ultraviolet rays
• Promotes the activity of fibroblasts
• Soothes and heals any redness and sensitivity after intensive treatments such as intense pulsed light and laser treatments

Direction to use

Step 01: Apply Oligopeptides Marine Revival Essence in the morning and evening, after Dr HAACH Cleanser and MicroTreatment Lotion.

Step 02: Dispense 5 to 6 drops of Oligopeptides Marine Revival Essence on your palm or on a cotton pad. Gently spread onto cheeks, forehead, and chin starting from the center of your face in an outward motion. Follow through to your neck and down towards your clavicles. Gently press your hands on areas that require enhancement to aid the absorption.

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