What does the position of your Acne mean?

Face mapping is a term that references the different segments of the face where acne develops. There are many reasons for acne developing and not all of them involve the typical breakout of whiteheads and blackheads. Some reasons for acne beginning could be based on hormonal changes, genetics and the general condition of the skin but by knowing where on your face acne starts could provide valuable clues as to how such acne can be treated an if it is indeed linked to a deeper health-related reason.

Facial acne is generally categorized into four major areas — the forehead, cheeks, T-zone and chin.

Breakouts on the forehead, hairline and temple are usually believed to be caused by stress and poor digestive issues and possibly hair or hair products that irritate the skin around the forehead. When hair products like gels, pomades or creams gravitate down from the hair towards the hairline eventually reaching the skin on the forehead, they bring with them the ability to block and clog pores, resulting in acne. To avoid further irritation, avoiding the use of headgear that could exacerbate acne via friction, getting sufficient sleep and eating healthier meals could reap rewards. For quicker results use our Enzyme Cleansing Gel to unclog the pores and eliminate any impurities that might be irritating your skin.

According to some doctors, acne forming around the top of the cheeks could be linked to the respiratory system whereas acne developing at the lower cheek area may be associated with either inadequate dental hygiene or bacteria from the skin comes into contact with daily use items like our pillows or mobile phones. Cheek acne could be better handled if conscientious cleaning of such products is done on the regular.

One of the most common parts of the face that is susceptible to acne breakouts are the areas between the eyebrows, the nose and chin. This is known as the T-zone and is believed to be where issues within the digestive system or food allergies show their displeasure. Some doctors believe that nose acne could be related to issues related to the liver or blood pressure. Hence, to provide an alternative source for nutrition to the skin use skincare products with active ingredients such as our Micro Treatment Lotion, a potent blend of peptides, Dragon’s Blood, and Mallow Flower Extract to help strengthen, heal, and nourish the skin. On the other hand, it is believed by experts that, where possible, the reduction of dairy products, red meat and fast food could aid in taming flare ups and with the introduction of more leafy vegetables for their high fibre content could aid in clearing the complexion.

Flareups around the chin are usually associated with hormonal imbalances. Maintaining a decent sleep schedule, eating healthier choices from food groups, hydrating sufficiently and managing stress effectively go a long way in keeping breakouts to a minimal.

We should also bear in mind that acne is not limited to the face and can also be found on the back, arms and thighs and can be because of a genetical disposition, hormonal fluctuations and genetics or irritation brought on by friction.