Tinted UV Design


Dr HAACH’s Tinted UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ is formulated with advanced UVA/UVB defence and pollution protection technology. It provides a breathable coverage while offering broad-spectrum UV protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and pollution. Dr HAACH’s Tinted UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ shields your skin with antioxidants and sun protection of SPF 50 PA+++, The curated blend of antioxidant-packed ingredients defend against environmental stressors as it protects and covers. Keeping your skin smooth, supple and brimming with vitality. Anti-aging, prevention of wrinkle formation, reducing pigmentation and stopping collagen loss. Even out your skin tone and mask any imperfections while imparting a light-infused translucent glow. Gain full protection that you need for the day. With Dr HAACH’s Tinted UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++, you’ll never have to choose between UV protection – or the state of your skin again.

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15ML, 30ML


• 强大的UVA/UVB过滤器,SPF50 PA+++
• 帮助皮肤排毒,免受环境污染的有害影响
• 强效保湿、舒缓和修复肌肤
• 均匀肤色
• 消除暗沉,提亮肤色
• 尽量减少毛孔和色素沉着的出现
• 有效的抗氧化剂,保护细胞免受外界侵害
• 能快速吸收的轻盈配方,带来哑光效果
• 亮色防晒霜可增强您的自然肤色
• 使妆容更持久


第1步: 在清洁和滋润皮肤后使用,如果您打算化妆,在化妆前使用。

第2步: 用指尖涂抹亮白防晒霜SPF50 PA+++,从面部中央向外抹开。