Ladies Radiant Glow Facial Trial + Complimentary Brightening Snow Creme


Pamper yourself and indulge in the natural glow of luxury. Comes with complimentary 1-1 face analysis. Inclusive of Clear Away IPL hair removal for under arm and upper lip in 90 mins.

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Benefits of Ladies Radiant Glow

  • Tighten skin and promote elasticity while smoothing wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Stimulate cell turnover, collagen and elastin production
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and acne scars
  • Prevent age spots
  • Smooth irritations, reduce puffiness and redness caused by acne
  • Improve texture and appearance of skin
  • Shrink pores and reduce appearance of pores


  • 我们的员工会尽快与您联络沟通预约事宜。
  • 适用于新客户或过去 12 个月内未曾光临HAACH的客户。
  • 不适用于HAACH现有客户。老客户可享受其它更多促销活动,详情请联系门店获取更多信息。
  • 适用于年龄23-65岁。
  • Use promo code HAACHBRIGHT to get a complimentary 50ml Brightening Snow Creme (worth $118) when you purchase our Korean Glass Skin Facial Trial. Please note that redemption will be made in-a store upon completion of your trial.
  • 此优惠不适用于短期游客。
  • 我们会尽可能满足您希望预约的时间段,但如果无法安排,也会根据实际情况与您沟通调整。
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