Glamour C Whitening Facial Cleanser


With a pH value similar to the natural acidity of the skin, this foaming facial cleanser with amino acids gently removes impurities that clog up pores while thoroughly cleansing the skin. Enriched with ascorbic acid, this Vitamin C boost works on dull, tired-looking skin and brings out a fair and radiant complexion while maintaining oil control in the long term. This cleanser is especially suitable for those with dry, dull ageing skin. This product is free from harmful sulfates, alcohol, parabens and mineral oils.

Size: 100ML



  • Fights against ageing, wrinkles and decreased skin elasticity
  • 排毒
  • Restores the skin’s radiance and youthfulness
  • Reduces melanin formation and skin dullness
  • Increases moisture levels


To be used twice daily by applying a small amount of product on the palm and then including a few drops of water to create foam. Gently massage the foam over the face to remove impurities before washing thoroughly with water.

Follow with our Glamour-C Collection to reveal optimal results. Make sure to apply sunblock before being exposed to sunlight.